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Panel protection

To ensure the technical protection and fast reaction to “panic bottom” signals OUTPOST offers computer security services for transmission of alarm messages for wired and not wired objects by any of the three channels:

  • By telephone lines (any types)
  • Via GSM-modem (voice or data transmission)
  • By radio channel

As a result:

  • Steady monitoring of the telephone line in case of sabotage or damage
  • Automatic using the reserved channel case of accident or sabotage the main transmission line.

24/7 protection monitoring in Lviv includes:

  • 24/7 duty group in our office
  • 8 operative groups (using UAZ "Patriot" and Niva types of car)
  • 2 motorcycled patrols (in the central part of the city)

All cars are equipped with GPS systems. Operative groups are armed with firearms (pistols, PM, Saiga-410, AK - 47)

OUTPOST production risk is insured for 1 million UAH and is growing every year.

The system of object protection using "Gryphon":

Computer security system "Gryphon" is intended to protect premises, offices, industrial areas, etc. A feature of this system is steady monitoring of the object by two channels and representing the location and moving of illegal entry at the object:

  1. The versatility of the system, which allows gradually increase security means.
  2. Ability to log the state of security system  over a given period (day, week, month, year) with the date, time and type of event that occurred on the object and in the central office.
  3. The presence of coding, which is used to determine admission to the withdrawal of the protection of individual buildings certain category of employees in your company without breaking the alarm system as a whole.
  4. Ability to work without external power source within 72 hours or on a 220 backup generator.
  5. Monitoring of the fire alarm system.

Possibilities of the connection to the centralized supervisioning panel

In addition, these systems can be used in a simplified way just for sending  urgent messages that are automatically transferring via GSM-modem by pressing the "panic button" in case of danger. Operative group arrives at the object and take all necessary measures to prevent crime.

Maintenance and repair of this system is guaranteed.
The cost of centralized supervision panel security services and equipment depends on the required level of safety of the facility.