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OUTPOST offers wide range of services in cars and cargoes monitoring.

Newest technical solutions allow creating flexible systems for transport detecting.

Navigating technologies allow optimizing movement routes in order to reduce delivery time, increase quantity of your service and to low the fuel expenses.

One of the most important technical and operational links in the structure of the OUTPOST is the centralized supervision panel which has a wide spectrum of observation possibilities over the alarm systems on objects and satellite GPS system for supervisioning on the operative groups location on cars and motorcycles.

The combination of these monitoring systems provides optimum control on operative forces of the company and timely reaction to alarm signals.

Modern advanced equipment of our divisions ensures high efficiency of reaction to supernumerary situations and provides high level of mobility. Nine armed and equipped operative groups patrol all over Lviv 24/7 by using the cars equipped with installed radio and two motorcycles for patrolling the central part of a city.
Our branches offer a full complex of security services in Kiev, Truskavets, Drogobych, Borislav, Chervonograd, Stryj, Mostyska etc.

OUTPOST guards all over the Lviv 24/7 by 10 crews, all cars are equipped by GPS system.

The arrival time of operative groups within Lviv makes up to 6-8 minutes at night time.

Valuable cargoes convoy is carried out by specially equipped cars Toyota Land Cruiser 150 which are equipped with the built in safes and GPS systems with the panic bottom.

Trust security to professionals!