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Maintenance and protection of material values

Maintenance, property, securities and goods protection on the territory of Ukraine, body guarding and escorting of residents and guests all over the Lviv and Ukraine is realized

  • by providing OUTPOST security officers directly in cargo vehicles;
  • by providing mobile operative group with its own car;
  • by providing mobile operative group to convoy material assets and securities;
  • by providing mobile operative group to meet guests and escort them to a place of rest;
  • by providing a comfortable minibus with security officers to meet the guests, escort them to the place of rest, periodic or regular escort during the holidays with departure at any place in Ukraine.

OUTPOST has professional staff specializing in the escort service of material values. Experience of staff units is not less than 3 years.

This department was formed by the best prepared security officers who passed special training. All of them have the permission for using weapon, are equipped with mobile and radio communications and modern protection resources.


Escort service for valuables (at least 2guards)
one-time escort
300.00 UAH/hour
escort service using Client’s cars
25.00 - 30.00 UAH/hour
escort service using OUTPOST cars
150.00 – 200.00 UAH/hour
*Operative group is equipped with armed with gun “Sayga-410”
Trust security to professionals!