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About us

Dear Sirs!

Security & Law Company OUTPOST offers you the full range of guard and security services such as:

  • safeguarding for you, your quests and clients ;
  • safeguarding during presentations and other official events;
  • home, office, shop, storehouse etc. protection;
  • cargoes convoy ;
  • protection and convoy of money and wealth resources;
  • designing, installation and support service of the security alarm systems and closed circuit televisions;
  • installation and support service of the fire alarm system;
  • designing, installation and service of Private Branch Exchange and other communication systems.

All range of security services is able in any place in Lviv, Lviv region and other regions of Ukraine!

We protect you and your property by:

  • Professionally trained staff;
  • Modern security and fire alarm systems, closed circuit televisions and security communication systems;
  • Timely and efficient resolution of your problems.

Under OUTPOST protection are more than 1 000 customers in Lviv region. Among them are offices and enterprises, shops, restaurants and night clubs, private apartments and private houses.


OUTPOST provides effective assistance to Police in:

  • Crimes prevention;
  • Transgression prevention and detection;
  • Maintenance of a public order

OUTPOST is a security and low company that has:

  • 24/7 on-duty department in the Lviv for collection, compilation and transmission of information and mobile teams’ management;
  • Powerful radio network all over the city;
  • Rapid response team equipped with vehicles, modern communications and rubber bullet weapons.

We offer flexible price policy and discount system for patrons and exclusive customers.

We provide professionally prepared bodyguards for you, your property protection and supporting of your cargoes across Ukraine.
Moreover, we incur responsibility for the wealth we take under our protection.


24/7 operative duty group

Address: 79005, Ukraine, Lviv, 6 Kotsyubinsky str.
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+38 (032) 243-0-911

+38 (032) 260-1-911
+38 (032) 260-2-800

0-800-401-911 (Free for our clients)

Fax: +38 032 260-1-911


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