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OUTPOST offers a full range of security services for your business.

We provide such services as:

  • Physical protection and guarding;
  • Centralized supervision panel;
  • Cargoes protection and escort;
  • Monitoring of mobile objects;
  • Wealth protection and escort;
  • Safeguarding during public events;
  • VIP bodyguard service;
  • Emergency assistance;
  • Legal services.

OUTPOST provides professionally trained security guards for you, your properties and cargoes over Ukraine while insuring all responsibility risks.

Our experts will analyze the security of your facilities; develop security systems and technical capacity of the object.

Our principles:

  • High professional level of our employees;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Complex security solutions – for you and your business;
  • The most modern technical equipment;
  • Permanent legal support;
  • Confidentiality.